buenaondastudioberlin is a company for audio and video recording services in studio and live events based in Berlin.

Buenaondastudioberlin was founded 2015 in the basement of the Greenhouse in Berlin as a rehearsal room by Antonello Marafioti.
Soon he though to record his music, begun to collect recording gear and instruments and went to a school for sound engineer.
The time until mid 2020 has been time to improve his skills and the handling of mixers, compressors, effects and programs.
2019 Antonello Marafioti started a collaboration with the guitarist and photographer Roberto “Bob” Zanrosso in order to record Video and Audio of live concerts.
2020 Roberto Manzin, saxophonist and also recording engineer, recently moved from London to Berlin, joined Buenaondastudioberlin.
March 2020 we had to move out of the Greenhouse and actually we don’t have an own location.
While we’re searching for a suitable place we can use the locations of collaborating partners and empower the live recording business.

We produce your music and your spoken word from recording to final mastering. We record and produce the video documentation of your concert or event with up to 4 professional cameras and 32 tracks audio. So we are able to provide the best quality of video and audio.
Trough collaborations with proofed partners we provide all the services you need for your concert or event. All of us are professional acting musicians, therefore sensitive for all the needs of performing and recording musicians.

Picture of the old recording studio buenaondastudioberlin at greenhouse in berlin
The first Buenaondastudioberlin